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Can You Sign into MSN Messenger under Multiple Accounts at Once?

MSN messenger doesn’t allow you to create multiple accounts and use them at the same time.  You will only be able to log in as one user at a time.  This can be very restricting, especially if you use MSN messenger for multiple purposes like business and social networking.  Luckily, there are a couple add-ons for MSN messenger which let you chat under multiple usernames at once.

Messenger Plus! Live

Messenger Plus! Live is an add-on which lets you log on as multiple users at one time.  There are also a lot of other great features to this MSN add-on which make chatting a more interactive experience.  It is incredibly easy to use Messenger Plus! Live, even when chatting with multiple contacts at once as different users.  There are re-sizable Quick Panals, log storage, a log search tool, lots of different skins, and a user-friendly interface.

If you want to personalize your conversations on MSN, you can use Messenger Plus! Live to add custom sounds, formats and quick texts.  You can even add your own features to MSN messenger through the program thanks to the modifiable scripts.

Messenger Plus! Live is completely free to download.

MSN Polygamy

MSN Polygamy isn’t as popular as Messenger Plus! Live but it is still an easy way to log into MSN as multiple users at once. You simply need to use the “Patch Now” button to relaunch MSN messenger as many times as you want.  They could have made it a bit simpler by just letting you select the accounts you want to open but the interface is still simple enough that you aren’t going to complain.

You aren’t going to get all of the extras that come with Messenger Plus! Live.  But many users will appreciate the simplicity of MSN Polygamy, especially since it gets the job done.  Be aware that some users claim MSN Polygamy is prone to viruses and crashes so you may still be better off with Messenger Plus! Live, even if you don’t want/need the extra features. MSN Polygamy can be downloaded for free.